322 Loz Goddard

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Loz’s sound has become more refined since 2017, and his new creative approach within his music has caused him to look further afield to places such as Seb Wildblood’s Church imprint, to release as ‘Goddard’ with an EP that received early support from Resident Advisor, Mr. Scruff and Session Victim. Following the release of ‘Find Me’ on Church, Loz is now taking his time in crafting some more experimental and electronic sounds, inspired by his love for Sheffield’s Warp Records and artists such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin & Squarepusher. His full-length debut LP will be out in early 2022.

“The mix contains a bunch of new and old tracks that have inspired me in some way over the last few years on the road to the creation of the LP. Some bits soundtracked my lockdown with the revival of my love for ambient music, some bits came from past radio shows and of course, some bits have come from my LP.

I purposely kept the mix a bit more on the chilled side, as that’s where the most inspiration for my album came from. As well as the track selections, I’ve kept the mixing kinda chilled too with plenty of ambient interludes. Hopefully, it works well as a home listening thing, but there’s of course a couple of recent buys in there that should keep the energy levels up!”


Pejzaz – Baltyk
Afinss – RA02
Soil & Pimp Sessions – Mo’ Better Blues
Mabuta – Beneath The Waves
Kokoroko – Abusey Junction
Marcel Lune – Telephones
Loz Goddard – Before Times
Hymns – Waves Of Nothing
AEM Rhythm Cascade – New Day
Loz Goddard – Going Nowhere For Something (Reprise)
Bliss Inc. – Infinite
Guy Contact – Doors Of Perception
Villete – Lilac
Loz Goddard – Going Nowhere For Something

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