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We’ve been huge fans of the Klasse Wrecks crew for years now. Their graphic style and the sounds they put out continuously demand attention time and time again! So we’re very excited to welcome Mr. Ho, one of the brains behind the label and amazing producer in his own right, to take our guest mix series for a spin.

“The main thing I was trying to do was to make it sound coherent. There’s an electro feel throughout this mix, but not everything would be classified by purists as electro. Its still relatively early on in the year, so I’ve actually been revisiting some tracks that I have in my collection but haven’t played in a while, which makes up for a lot the music in this mix.

Releases – I’ve had two records out on Klasse Wrecks since the beginning of this year. One of them is WRECKS048 – Mr. Ho “000 Baby w/ Om Unit remix”, and the other is a track called “Hardly Working” on an Acid flavoured release called FRISB03 (the release comes with an acid frisbee). In April there is a track on Japan’s Cowboy Family new label, the track is called “Aw Shucks” At some point this year there will be the release of my remix for Masarima “Freek like U” on Clone records, a track on Innershade’s Altered Circuits, another EP with Luca Lozano on Klasse Wrecks, and my second EP for Cabaret Records.

This year I am excited to be making my debuts in a few festivals – Rainbow Disco Club in Japan and Korea, Polifonic in Italy, Miki Maki festival in France, and Dekmantel in the Netherlands. I will be on tour in Europe from end of May until beginning of August, and will be playing in many different nice clubs and cities.” – Mr. Ho

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