04 Turbotito

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“Well, me and my friend Jeff aka Jeffrey Paradise like daytime pool parties so we decided to make a dj duo that only play daytime pool parties. We then bought some nice wines and some premium Mezcal and spent a few days in the studio. That resulted in 5 tracks that are all way better than we expected them to be. Somehow SlothBoogie found “Do You Believe” on our soundcloud within 24 hours and all of a sudden we had tons of plays, comments and favorites. We also had three labels that wanted to put it out, so we decided to go with Australian label Future Classic and the first song is coming out in January with remixes from Beni, James Curd, Jacques Renault and Cosmic Kids.”

Exciting stuff indeed!
But back to the mix… now we know that Turbotito can make summery poolside disco music to melt too but he also has a deeper, darker side to his music which you are about to witness in this SlothBoogie Guestmix #004 – Turbotito.

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