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Here we are folks… our 16th SlothBoogie Guestmix comes from the Hype Machine destroying Gigamesh! All we know is that’s a bucket load of hits + plays so he must be doing something right… In fact he’s doing stuff very right at the moment. Having made another smasher of a remix for Win Win’s Victim that got rave reviews around the blogosphere we are all bracing ourselves for his own EP to drop this summer…
Asked what his masterplan was he gave us this little nugget:

“I’m just trying to get my EP out hopefully by the end of summer and doing a lot of remixes in the meantime. I’m also working with some artists on original music but I can’t really talk much about it. Once the EP is out I plan to release some singles, tour all over and release a full length next year. At least that’s the plan!” We can’t wait to listen to his whole EP when its ready but the force is strong with this one.

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