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After having the pleasure of sharing a booth with Lulah at By Day By Night recently, we couldn’t help be swept away with her effortless groove. Naturally then, we had to give her the floor, so she could share it with you too… Lulah is a Techno, Acid and House DJ, singer and producer. Growing up between London and Ibiza Lulah has been immersed in music from day 1. Lulah’s main focus for the foreseeable is collaborative projects with producers, bringing her vocals into the mix to create an interesting and diverse discography.

Lulah has also kickstarted and founded her own clubnight ‘sub:terra’, which focuses on reviving the Acid House days of the UK and East Coast to her generation that missed out on the madness the first time around. They’ve had two sold-out shows at The Cause already, and the likes of Fold and Fabric are next on the radar.

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