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Serendipity is a wonderful thing, and when we looked ahead in the guestmix calendar, a certain number jumped out. 303. A number synonymous with the roots of house music, which presented itself with a (somewhat obvious) opportunity to get an old friend into the series… a man who saw it all unfold before his very eyes in the 90’s, and who himself excels with the execution of mixes with an underlying concept.

Welcome to JD Twitch’s ode to the Roland 303.

“The Roland 303 is a little silver box of electronics that accidentally produced the squelching sound that became the foundation of Acid House. Pioneered circa 1987 in Chicago, Acid House exploded around the world and that sound spread through electronic music creating myriad variants.

Fundamentally the 303 is instantly recognisable by its squelch sound. This squelch can be euphoric, hypnotic, joyous, uplifting, sad, dark, cheesy, silly, scary, ridiculous, psychedelic, beautiful and anthemic. This mix aims to showcase many of these shades of the squelch. It is not the greatest hits of the 303, nor is it a collection of wilfully obscure forgotten 303 jams, it’s just simply a paean to the majesty and never ending sonic possibilities of the squelch. Viva Acid!”

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