307 Man Power

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Man Power delivers an absolute stomper of a mix. Here’s a few words from the man himself:

I spent the whole of the lockdowns alone which, while being pretty grim at times, also gave me the chance to reconnect with music beyond it being my job.
I’d lost site of why I started doing things in the first place so this time away let me rediscover the joy I have in a much broader palette of music than what I’d become known for.

I ended up starting a music page on FB which connected me to loads of amazing people with similarly broad tastes and that music group ended up turning in to a weekly party in Newcastle which has really made me fall in love with sharing music to dance floors again.
I’ve learned a bunch of lessons though, and one of them is to never do anything just for the PR any more, as it’s transparent if you’re not completely invested: That means that I now find myself either turning down podcast opportunities, or coming back with ridiculously long and indulgent mixes.

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