321 Scarlett O'Malley

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Scarlett O’Malley brings the energy and enthusiasm of youth combined with a wealth of musical knowledge way beyond her years. Born and raised in West London but now making her mark around Europe, she is a new breed of DJ doing things on her own terms. Her tireless passion for the scene has made her one of online radio’s busiest talents. She is well known and respected for interviewing legends and trailblazers with a uniquely down-to-earth but probing style on stations like Foundation FM and Whynow radio and she has a monthly residency with The Vinyl Factory. She also hosts and produces her own Youth Club podcast which merges her passion for music, history and subculture. She runs her own party and mix series The Soul Exchange.

“I wanted to head to the later, darker and slightly heavier side of the club with this mix. Think 4am in a sweaty corner of Corsica! I love house music with all my heart, especially early 90s house music and a lot of the tunes in this mix stems from those early sounds, there are acid overtones in a lot of the music and that underground tribal sound. A house mix in its entirety, there are also breaks and a little techno touch with a ton of groovy basslines in tow. Heavier music with soul!”


Gemini – Log In
Azzido Da Bass – Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix)
Wink – Higher State of Consciousness
LadyMonix – Baby
Boy Jarvis – Atmos-Fear (dark ’n’ dubby mix)
Huerta – Ruff Groove
Olsvanger – Pkak Del Mar
Aaron-Carl – Tears
K-Hand – Street Knowledge
Granary 12 – Way We Do
Epitome of Hype – In The Dark
Abdul Raeva – FCP Assault
Caucasian Boy – Dystopia
Reflex Blue – Gore
Anz – Loos In Twos (NRG)
JP Sunshine – I Want To Stay

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