330 North Street West

Guest Mix Info

Referenced in Daft Punk’s song ‘Teachers’ as one of the ‘Teachers’, Ashley Beedle first began DJing during the 1980s and made a name for himself during the heyday of Acid House, changing the face of Notting Hill Carnival as part of the legendary Shock Sound System – the first sound to play House music at Carnival.

Since 2015, Ashley has been working as part of the ‘North Street West’ remix collective with North Street Studio One owner and musical genius, Darren Morris and Ramrock Records/F*CLR boss, Jo Wallace. As well as solo remixes, 2022 already has a plethora of projects underway including the 30 year anniversary and reunion of the legendary Black Science Orchestra – watch this space….


Maxine Scott – Erykah U Bad [North Street West Vocal Remix] – Ramrock Blue Records
Twelve Caesars – Swan Fendered Mercury [North Street West Dub] – Ramrock Red Records
Kameelah Waheed – America the Beautiful [North Street West Vocal Remix] – Ramrock Red Records
Taz – Walalaleng [Wallace & Morris Remix] – Ramrock Red Records (Dubplate)
T.O.E. – I’m gonna say it loud – [Original Version] – Ramrock Red Records (Dubplate)
Mutiny UK – Feeling Higher Love – F*CLR Records (Dubplate)
Manakinz – Blootaboyz – F*CLR Records (Dubplate)
Gratts ft. Alix – Say Less – F*CLR Records (Dubplate)
Darren Price – The Real House Music – F*CLR Records (Dubplate)
Wearing Shoes – Mon Amour Exotique – F*CLR Records (Dubplate)

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