331 Mick Wilson x August Artier

Guest Mix Info

Mick Wilson and August Artier explore a deeper underground club sound with this 90 min mix, crossing over between house and techno with slight electro and breakbeat references are thrown in for good measure.

To capture the essence of an intimate dance floor experience the mix was recorded live in front of a studio audience, (a child and a cat). The musical journey slowly guides you through the darker side of dance music, treating you to the sounds that you would expect to hear in a small hidden underground club away from the flashing lights of the mainstream. Partially mixed across vinyl and digital platforms featuring some new cuts as well as treasured B sides the mix ebbs and flows as it weaves its way deftly from start to finish to what can be expected now that we’ve returned to the dance floor.


K-Lone – Missed Calls (Original Mix) [Wisdom Teeth recs]
Unknown Artist – B1 Untitled [VWV]
Sahasrahla – The Dweller [Autodidact]
N-Gynn – Ba Four [Pleasure Club]
Lost Trax – Under a Spell [Delsin Records]
Peter Pixzel – Rogue 9 [WetYourSelf Recordings]
Musumeci_Funi_Original Mix (Engrave LTD]
Ed Hodge – Hot Point [Dansu Discs]
Mall Grab_Catching Feelings_Original Mix [Hot Haus recs]
Justin Jay & Denham Audio – Swarm [Time Is Now Records]
Tracey – Sidekick (Original Mix) [Voyage Direct]
Lawrence_Illuminated_Kettenkarussell Remix [Mule Musique]
Distant_Carrier (Original Mix) [ Infrastructure New York]
Florian Busse, Lisette Santiago – Jamieja (Stefano Ritteri Turkish Rave Remix) [Connected Frontline]
Voigtmann – Automatic Chemistry [20/20 Vision]
Burnski_Lost In The Zoo_The Martinez Brothers Bronx Zoo Mix [Saved records]
Lord Leopard – Confusion (Original Mix) [Cajual]
Tracey_Earthrise_Original Mix [Voyage Direct]

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