352 Eddie C

Guest Mix Info

“Some brand new up-tempo dance music from me and my friends from around the globe! Recorded on the road near Crieff, Scotland”

Raised in Southern Ontario somewhere between Detroit and Montreal, Eddie C began his experiments in music sometime in the late 80s. Inspired first by Hip Hop and the burgeoning Acid House scene, he began making tape edits of late night radio and shortly thereafter began visiting record shops and warehouse parties to discover the music first-hand. Record collecting has since been a way of life for the man, followed closely by an opposing passion for skiing which lead him to his 10-year sabbatical in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. With plenty of time over the past decade for reflection and research in his log cabin studio, C has recently relocated.


Time Wharp – Lupron
Tik Tu – Korol Ptakhiv (Rune Lindbaek & Robin Jackson Mix)
Niklaus Wandt – I Wandt to Believe
Bottler – Cicada Rhythm (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Lipelis & Andy Butler – Generations of Sunsets
Andrzej Mikolajczak – Tori (Polotronic Remix)
Eddie C – Everybody Everybody Everybody
Elado – Baila
Gaole Mizik – A Ka Titine (Kay Suzuki Gwoka Dub)
My Friend Dario – Marittimo (Eddie C Remix)
Wallace – Chicken’s Head
Crackazat – Damucha
Genius of Time – Sunswell

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