362 Demuir B2B Toronto Hustle

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From playing his dad’s Hammond B3 organ as a child to experimenting with various instruments into his teenage years, it was only natural that Toronto-native Demuir would centre his life around music. As he focused his sights on the DJ world, Demuir developed an eclectic house sound that exudes funky, sexy, and soulful beats, and is consistently recognized and sought by fellow artists and dance music fans around the world.

The man exudes house from every pour. Here we find him in fine form, hitting it out the park alongside fellow Candian house fiend, Toronto Hustle. Enjoy.


MAW Presents People Underground – My Love (Reprise) – Grassroots Records
DJ Aakmael – Deep Cookie – Upstairs Asylum Recordings
Nico Lahs – Deepstate – Selections
Kareem Ali – Black Energy – Healthy Scratch Records
Patrice Scott – Odyss Dance – People Of Earth
Demuir – Dream (Feat. Fred P – Part III) – Purveyor Underground Limited (Forthcoming)
Dreamer G – Hurry Up (Kerri’s Again Mix) – Kaoz Theory
Kyle Hall – Weed Or Majik – Forget The Clock
Demuir – Ruth – Purveyor Underground Limited (Forthcoming)
Evenn – One For Love (Javonntte remix) – Selections (Forthcoming)
Javonntte – Crazy About You – Last Forever Records
Andreś – Don’t Make Me Wait – Motor City Wine
Stefan Ringer – You Know – Upstairs Asylum Recordings
Wajeed – Strength (Jon Dixon Remix) – Dirt Tech Reck

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