364 Theon Bower

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Brixton-based Producer/DJ @theonbower is having a busy year. Between launching his own imprint ‘Swung Out Records’ to showcase his own brand of dusty house and 80s Italo and playing sets at Glasto, Westival and El Dorado, it looks like next year will be much of the same. Keep an eye out for his upcoming parties under both of his event names; Pangaea Disco and Swung Out. He’s also the man managing things behind the scenes at the legendary party institution @secretsundaze.

“Really enjoyed making this mix. Recorded at my studio in Brixton, it’s got a bit of everything in it, mostly dance floor focussed covering house, boogie and of course a healthy serving of retro synth sounds, as well as a premiere of the ’08 Breakbeat VIP’ of my next single titled The Disguise. Mostly new bits in here but have peppered a few favourites and one of my own edits that all invariably make their way into my live sets too. Thanks for having me on Slothboogie, keep up the stellar work <3"


Athlete Whippet – Talk About This Love (Aroop Roy Remix)
Parallel – Bat Country
Alan Dixon & Dorothy’s Fortress – Bronx Warriors
Coeo – Bliss (Original Mix)
Cody Currie & Alliy McMahon – Easy
A – A (Avalon Emerson & Anunaku) – Rite At The End
Jabberwocky – Apollo Club
Break Machine – Street Dance (Theon Bower Edit)
Zopelar – Passado
BPlan& Fab-O – Discoffee
Phazed Groove – Sunshine
Dam Swindle – You
Montego Bay – Waited So Long
Theon Bower – The Disguise (’08 VIP)

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