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Moving home can be difficult, but when you find your forever home, the step over that threshold becomes invigorating. Never more apparent than here in our latest contribution to the SB guest mix series, from none other than personal heroes, Tiger & Woods.

“This is recorded at our new studio, B.K.S. Studio which is our definitive home. It took us one year to complete the construction work and we finally have our own spaceship. The studio features two production rooms and one room for mixes, podcasts and live recordings in general. So we’re very happy to deliver mixes from this special place, it’s our pride.”

Tiger & Woods is a DJ/producer duo from Italy formed by Marco Passarani and Valerio Del Prete.

Marco has been a central figure in the Italian electronic scene since 1993. He has had multiple roles as dj, producer and distributor for many years, joining the dots between the local underground scene and the global one. He was also one of the key studio tutors of the Redbull Music Academy for more than 15 years.

And talking about the Academy, that’s where he started working on the Tiger & Woods project with Valerio Del Prete, a young talented DJ and producer from Rome from the local club scene. Valerio started his career djing in Rome clubs, showing off his passion for funk and soul as well as house music. The combination of their elements created the sound of Tiger & Woods, a constant search for a perfect slicing of old samples mixed up with repetitive grooves, adapting old ideas to the contemporary dance floor.

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