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Mark Broadbent aka Radio Guesthouse, is one half of the Ibiza based tag team Dj duo, The Brothers Grim. Playing regularly at venues on and off the island of Ibiza, with a more ‘Balearic’ leaning whilst not always playing ‘Balearic’ selections. First in last to leave. Dividing opinions since 1969.

“…making a Balearic themed mix without it sounding cliche or cheesy outside of its traditional setting – i.e poolside or seaside – isn’t that easy. I didn’t want to go down the traditional Silver Back route by using tracks that had been specifically made to sound ‘Balearic’ whilst finding tracks that played next to each other give that energy without being ‘Balearic’ standards. Sounds confusing but I think I’ve managed to put something nice together for you.”

Time to drift off and dream…

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