382 Sound Support

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Sound Support, made up of Lars Dales & Lorenz Rhode, released their first two EPs on Prins Thomas’ Internasjonal, then appeared on House of Disco, Let’s Play House and Permanent Vacation. Now arriving on Will Saul’s Aus Music imprint, the duo have delivered an EP spanning House, Italo, Electro and beyond, showcasing their unique ability to craft fun and well-considered dance music. To help showcase this release, they’ve stepped in to provide us with a stunning guest mix.

“We made this mix in the studio together and we had a blast finding a bit more house oriented selection. Our AUS and Toy Tonics releases just dropped and they’re both more house than our regular stuff, so our heads are in that space. We’ve tried to make it fun, not too lighthearted, and finished with a bang (3 of our own tracks back to back).”


Celebrity BBQ Sauce Band – Please Don’t
Art Of Tones VS Chatobaron – Ban The Disc
Mr. G – U Feel Mi (Kai Alce’s New Feel)
Sound Support – Bump into you
Orlando Voorn – High
Sound Support – Higher
Crackazat – We Know
Sound Support – The Rock
Purple Ice – Monegasque Jazz Session
DJ Device & Devibes – Give It Up
Sound Support – Eve
Sound Support – The beauty and the beat
Sound Support – Degauge

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