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“inspired from a 7-hour long set in Berlin playing b2b, it felt quite natural to record this mix together.”

Rosa Red’s musical beginnings lie in the psychedelic and spherical niches of Rock as well as learning her craft by playing Bass in Post Punk Bands. Exploring what the music universe also had to offer, Rosa soon got immersed in the vast world of electronic music and found herself trading the bass guitar with turntables. Fascinated by the variety of styles and possibilities, this newfound world had to offer, the Berlin based artist took her musical journey to House, Breakbeat and Rave euphoria, while sitting comfortably between genres. Rosa’s style is characterized by a personal take on the vital interaction of melody, rhythm & mood. You can hear her broad range in her widely praised DJ sets (which made her a regular at Munich’s super club Blitz and a staple in Berlin’s famous nightlife circle) and in her productions. The logical progression from playing music to making music led Rosa to her first two EPs landing, both of which landed on planet Permanent Vacation, who share a tight bond and a musical vision with Rosa Red. The magnificent ability to evoke the magic of her DJ sets in her own music combined with impeccable production skills make Rosa one of the fastest-rising talents with a promising bright future.

Benjamin Fröhlich has struck many chords in the arena of electronic music over the past years: as a DJ, label owner and producer. He co-founded Permanent Vacation – one of the strongest running labels that have delivered genre-defining hits over the past decade. As such Benjamin Fröhlich has worked together with the household names of the international electronic dance scene. Artists on Permanent Vacation’s roster include Massimiliano Pagliara, Perel, John Talabot, Todd Terje, Mano Le Tough, Chloe, Red Axes, Lauer, Fort Romeau, Pional and many more. On top of his dedication to exploring and featuring rising as well as accomplished artists, Benjamin Fröhlich himself has emerged as a producer of vibrant tracks that are a testament to his versatile and compelling approach to club music. His own productions and remixes are very well received by DJs and clubbers alike and got played all around the globe. Starting out as a record shop owner in his hometown Munich (prior to his PV label work), Benjamin Fröhlich has developed an uplifting style in his DJ sets, which fuses House, Disco and Cosmic into hypnotic and enthusiastic nights. Through his in-depth background, Benjamin Fröhlich passionately combines the unforgettable past and the gripping present with the hits of tomorrow.

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