391 Anna Schreit

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Anna was born and raised in Berlin, into a family of a musician who exposed her to a diverse range of music genres from a very young age. Her father’s art rock band was one of her earliest influences, shaping her understanding of music and its various forms.

Despite living in the techno capital, it was actually during a trip to Munich that Anna was introduced to the world of electronic music. It was here that she discovered the exotic sounds of house music, which proved to be a turning point for her musical journey. She was captivated by the diverse sub-genres within house music, and it became a defining characteristic of her style – constantly diving and resurfacing through a multitude of sub-genres.

After falling in love with the endless possibilities of house music, Anna began DJing to share the tracks she had collected and built up over the years. Her goal was to create immersive experiences and take her listeners on unique journeys through her sets. With a passion for music that runs deep, Anna continues to explore and experiment with new sounds, always striving to evolve and push the boundaries of what’s possible within electronic music!

“My approach was to create a little journey through a range of warm, also energetic house music beats with funky, jazzy and minimalistic styles and to include some older 90’s stuff combined with modern sounds. Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 I at least had some fun shaking my booty in ma Berlin kitchen, hehe :D”


Seelenluft – Manila
DJ One Five, Shinda Ewell, Moo Goo Pan – Love Talk (Jon Dixon Remix)
Rhythm II Rhythm – A Touch Of Jazz (Lifestyles Of The Rich Mix)
Neil Pierce, Hanlei – Risk It (Main Mix)
Giovanni Damico – Night Time
Todd Terry & J Paul Getto – Wash The Window
Kano – It’s A War (Purple Disco Machine)
Sunbeam Sound Machine – Goodbye Vrations
Mr. G – Hip Shaker (D’s Budda BeatsTeak)
Ben Hixon & JT Donaldson – Experience
Rekchampa – Rood Style Taped Out
Ian Pooley – Coracao Tambor
Parris Mitchell Project Feat. Wax Master – Ghetto Shout Out!!
B1 Junes – Park & Ride
Moodyman – No
Makèz – Close 2 Us
Discuji & Andi Hanako – Inai

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