414 Dam Swindle

Guest Mix Info

“We’ve made this mixtape to showcase our journey through styles over the last decade. As everyone knows we’re well known for the more soulful side of house but we’re both big lovers of the more electronic side.

We feel this mix perfectly mixes both together and as an added bonus we’ve incorperated some tracks of the Heist Classics compilation as well as a track from the new Dj Sneak EP on our label Heist recordings. Enjoy.” – Dam Swindle


1. Namby Pamby – Girlz!, Pt. 1 (M.B.S Queer Mix)
2. Boo Williams – Emergency Tech
3. Makez – Different Planets
4. Lance DeSardi – StopStart
5. Centuras – Shame
6. Burnski – Summer
7. Kassian – 8th Movement
8. DJ Sneak – Full Cycle
9. Lele Sacchi – Bucktown
10. Sally C – Control
11. Doctor Jeep – Reflexing
12. Cherry Bomb – Mavho

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