427 John Parm

Guest Mix Info

John Parm is a Brussels based music producer and DJ influenced by his breakdancer background, combining various electronic music genres with an Hip Hop mindset and always in a funky way. After producing for the young French speaking rap scene for more than 15 years, he’s now focused on his own project which is more shaped for the underground dancefloor.

Next to his producer’s/DJ hat, John runs two radio shows on Bruzz and Kiosk Radio while managing his own record label Just Begun Records and the Brussels chapter of the international beatmaking events Loop Sessions.

Here’s some words from the man himself:

“I wanted to pass through every dance music genres I like to play these past few years. It ranges from UK Boogie, Hungarian New Jack, Post Punk-Disco, House, Electro Funk & more.”


Cavalier – Don’t Touch

Másik János – Paradiso Disco

Inkswek – Ambulance Dance

A Band Called Flash – People’s Palace

Those Nervous Animals – Hyperspace

Wuf Ticket – The Key

Unknown Artist – Melodica

Loleatta Holloway – Heart Stealer

Mambele – Find Your Source

Lefto Early Bird – Theo Elegance Of A Dancing Body

XL Regular – Moovin’ Too Fast

Tasmin – Feelin’ Free (High On Hope Mix)

DMX Krew – DMX Bass

DJ Godfather – Late Night Funk

DJ Pirna – It’s Smells Like Bootyhole On Mars… Bring Me Back To Earth

NMSS – Palantir

Lamont Stigler – Humanoid

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