095 SlothBoogie

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Pat’s back in the radio show hot seat this week after fighting off the old ‘rona for the past few weeks so excuse the raspy voice… however you do get to enjoy a rare sighting of DJ Bambino for this week’s packshot so that’s something. Full tracklist is below for the Harry Spotters.


José Roberto Trio – Taluhama
Dj Aakmael – Track 166
Karyme – Solo Jig
Marlon George – Intimate FR
Scruscru & Mike Fot – Bro’ccoli Lasagna
Apoena – Must Go Deeper
Ruff Stuff – Still Warm
Yard One – Octothorpe Tip
Froses – Neighborhood Patrol
Tibi Dabo – Mothball
Vicky Montefusco – Il Nulla Cosmico
Leaps – We Know
Terrestrial Access Network – Distant Lands
Ad St – Liquid Honey

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