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Stay Bubblin’ with Danny this week…


Joy Guerilla – Princess Meadow [Self Released]
Ann Weberg – Handle it [Unity Records]
Lucid Monday – Lift Off [Independant]
Manuel Sahagun – Early & Late [Minor Notes]
Bolis Pupul – Neon Buddha [Deewee]
Magic Flowers – Try [Self Released]
Axel Boman – Sottopassaggio (feat. Miljon) [Studio Barnhus]
Melchior Sultana – Conclusions [Oath]
Mr Flip – Hit Different (NDATL Vox Style) [Yoruba Records]
Misuso – Appreciate (Chezz Remix) [Boogie Cafe]
Re:Fill – Impulse (WheelUP Remix) [Cognitiva Records]
The Sunchasers – Air [Feedasoul Records]
Earth Boys – BK Melody [1080p]
Kid Crème – Clap Your Hands [Illegal Beats]
T.U.R.F. – Keep Moving [Exploited]
Hubbabubbaklubb – Et Annet Sted (Axel Boman Remix) [Snorkel Records]

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