112 SlothBoogie

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Conor’s back with more jazz hands, Neck Oil and doof doof than you can handle.


I Gemin – Music Say It All [Moiss Music]
David Walters – Kryé Mwen [Heavenly Sweetness]
Eddie C – Now More Than Ever [mulemusiq]
Clive From Accounts – 4 Time [Dirt Crew]
Black Loops – The People [Freerange]
Lorca – Larry’s Bomb [Live Ones]
Omar S – Multiple Orgasms [FXHE]
Philco – Ladies Gentlemen [theBasement Discos]
Manuold – Intense [Four Framed Music]
Route 8 – Narrow Vision [Gestalt]
Pépe – Desire’s Calling [Young Ethics]
Javonntte – Bebop Swing [Coloring Lessons]
Leo Pol – You Got The Funk [Uniile]

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