Various Artists Dancing With Friends Vol.2

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SlothBoogie’s Dancing with Friends compilation returns for Volume 2 with an expertly curated collection of exclusive and unreleased new music. The crew have tirelessly scoured the furthest corners of the music universe (but mostly their friends’ hard drives) to bring you a special double LP and accompanying 22 track digital album.

Let this year’s crop of talent transport you sonically from sunny warm up vibes through to pumping club focussed bangers and then back down to earth again to a vibey after party.


1Soul Wun - 96 To Albert Park
2Kemback - I Know What You're Thinking
3Makez - Law of Attraction
4DJ Rouge - Far Out
5Jesse Bru - Yellow Sunshine Machine
6Erik Ellmann - Private Talk
7Joe Cleen - Chainsmoker
8Felipe Gordon - Avalancha
9T.U.R.F - Easy Way Out
10Kristy Harper - Blissful Denial
11pablot - Got You
12Tiptoes - Protected
13DJ Steef - Solotrip
14Sam Irl - Comet
15Two Half Circles - Daisy's Groove
16The Revenge - High Time
17Fede Lng & Mojeaux ft. Raw Takes - Acid Mackie
18Amy Dabbs - Nebel
19MSM - Four Dancers
20Meeshoo - Blue Velvet
21Togethrs - Day Dream Squelch
22Bill Mango - You're Never Sleepy

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