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SlothBoogie celebrate their 10th anniversary, London DJ, tastemaker and label collective SlothBoogie have curated their first album project, ‘Dancing With Friends’. The concept aims to take listeners on a night out and covers a wide spectrum of styles, brooding cuts from Levan and Philippa showcase silky smooth deepness, while later, Ninja Tune affiliate Letherette and Kassian hint at the rawness of the UK House aesthetic leading on to Detroit infused textures from Ruff Stuff and the late night jazziness of Soul Wun.

A reflection of SlothBoogie’s commitment to curating the best in underground dance music and giving a platform to new artists in the scene, ‘Dancing With Friends’ will open minds to a world of dance music you never knew existed and offer a warm embrace to those who’ve been supporting SlothBoogie throughout their ten year journey.


1Whatever - Adrianaa
2Lavan - U R Beautiful In The Face
3Joe Cleen - Gliders
4Carlo - Truck ID?
5Philippa - That's What I Mean By Free
6Felipe Gordon - Deep Like The Hole We Live In
7Letherette - Your Love
8Kassian - Warehouse Discotheque
9Luvless - Big Fudge
10Ruff Stuff - Space Explorer
11pablot - Rewind Run
12Casino Times - Bones
13Jad & The - Roys Road
14Soul Wun - Thank You, St Germain
15DJ Counselling - Keep On Playing
162XM & KILLS - Pirates
17Meowsn - Y

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