Various Artists SBEDITZ005

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Time for a milestone 5th instalment of our ever popular Editz series. We’ve secured 4 great producers for another special V.A. compilation. First up is Carlo with the deep and warm ‘Jumba Jooki’. He lays down a thwacking great groove over Soul drenched guitar licks and sprinkles of dubbed out vocal chops for good measure. Cassettes For Kids aim for the peak time with ‘No More Faith’. Driving drums and sexy Sax sweeps make way for a certain queen of smooth RnB. We then dive down to the depths with a Rhodes piano, wobbly synth melodies and crisp hi-hats.

Flipping over to the B-Sides we have legendary Luvless with ‘The First Aid Manual’. A rolling, looping disco stomper. Building groove after groove, it’s the track that keeps on giving. Finishing off the EP and dropping the bpms down is Bondi Bondi’s ‘Dinner 4-2’. An 80’s romantic burner, transporting you back to a candlelit date in New York City, with a complimentary Saxophone solo.


A1Carlo - Jumba Jooki
A2Cassettes For Kids - No More Faith
B1Luvless - The First Aid Manual
B2Bondi Bondi - Dinner 4-2

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