311 Scruscru & Mike Fot

Guest Mix Info

From Russia with love… The wizard and his loyal accomplice, Scruscru and Mike Fot. The masterminds behind SlothBoogie’s ‘Spliff Jamz’ series are welcomed into the guest mix fold. Keep your eyes peeled for the second installment, slated to drop in Jan 2022. It will not disappoint.
Burn one down and enjoy the start of the weekend, the only way we know how…


Scruscru & Mike Fot – Got U
Bakey – JB Riddim
Demuja – Now You Know
Peaky Beats – Sheade
Scruscru & Mike Fot – k60k
ZeroFG – Fundamental
Scruscru & Mike Fot – Enjoint
El-B – R U Ready
No Moon – Mallet Fury
???????? – ????????
Black Loops, Ruff Stuff – Is Electro Still A Thing
Pépé Elle – Unexcusable
Baby. J – I Wanna Tell U Something
Xander – Dizzee Dub
Scruscru & Mike Fot – Hummus Dealer
Main Phase – Creepin
Harrison BDP – Rhythm Is Key
Scruscru & Mike Fot – Spliff Jazz

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