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Broken District is a music label run by Jus Jam, Antwan, Scud and Real J, exploring alternative music styles that blend together house, jazz, electro, hip-hop and more. Starting in 2018, the label counts 10 releases with music from a host of SB favourites, such as SofaTalk, Jus Jam, Interface Palm, Real, J., System Olympia, Sam Irl, Turbojazz, Junktion, Setwun, and Jeppe Wolmer.

Most recent release is “Curated Space” from Melbourne-based producer Interface Palm and featuring Horatio Luna, released May 13th.

Upcoming is a new digital VA that sees the label exploring more electronic, uptempo sounds and a vinyl release from Italian jazz ensemble Slowaxx.

“It was really fun to work on this mix. Really nice exercise because with our label we explore a wide variety of styles, tempos and sounds. All these differences made us really dive into the back catalogue for this mix in order to tell a real story, and try to tell a story that starts slowly, with downtempo and quiet sounds. We accelerate the pace a little bit with more house, deep stuff… to finally and slowly close down the mix with a downtempo track.

Mix was recorded at home on both vinyl and digital, with a Mastersound Valve 4 rotary mixer. It is mastered by Pompon F.”

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