351 Lolu Menayed

Guest Mix Info

“In this mix are the sounds that most provoke me to play when making an eclectic and soulful set.

Some old tracks and some new ones but with a significant presence of techno and house vibes.

I love being able to mix artists that don’t have similar sounds but that can be combined to perfection and that in the end, instead of many tracks, it just seems like a whole.”

From an early age, Lolu has had influence and a relationship with House. Her beginnings in electronic music were around the age of 17 when she decided to make the hobby her profession. An Argentinian DJ, producer, and co-owner of the DIGHOP RECORDS Vinyl label and PHILU Music, an independent digital label, she has left her mark on the best clubs.

With great distinction for her character and musical personality, she has managed to occupy an important place in the electronic scene in South America in recent years. As her stock continues to rise, we are pleased to hear Lolu is set to move to Europe later in the year, bringing her closer to a booth near you x


Truncate – WRKTRX 3 (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
Jonesing (Nu Circuit Dub Mix)
Pervers of Innocence milan – The Analog Signal
Datar – B (Alex Neri Remix)
John Tejada – Timebomb (Vip Remix)
Adelphi Music Factory – Cuba (Harrison BDP Remix)
Kevin Saunderson, KiNK – Idyllic (Extended Mix)
Dj Steaw – Mystical Rhythm DGM
Eden Burns – Super Stroke
Man_ipulate – Eternity (Alex Kassian’s Ode To Sunshine Mix)
Slam – Known Pleasures

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