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We’re excited to welcome Arkajo to the mix series this week. He’s well known for his work with Dorisburg as part of the one-of-a-kind house duo Genius of Time but we’re also huge fans of their Aniara Records label with its beautifully deep sonic soundscapes and have coveted so many of their releases over the years. With his background in jazz composition, live performance and behind the scenes studio work, he is equal parts producer, musician, dj and technological wizard. A keen understanding of sound, rhythm and harmony is evident on his releases as well as in his dj sets, locking your body in rhythm and exploring distant vistas in your mind.

“This is a mixtape in the literal sense of the word, recorded in my living room onto cassette tape. I’ve primarily selected records that have been in my bag for the last couple of months, along with some new bits that I find very exciting and inspiring. It’s a mix on the housier side, gradually descending into a darker vibe, signing off with a remix of one of my tracks by one of my favorite producers and DJs, Polygonia. This remix will be featured on the next instalment of the Arkajo label. Enjoy!” – Arkajo

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